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An International Training in Systemic Coaching
and Business Constellations

Bucharest, Romania. 2019

Bring your professional practice as a coach or manager to the next level

Experiential learning in two parts:

Fundamentals Part I : 26th and 27th October 2019 – completed

Fundamentals Part II: 4th, 5th and 6th December 2019

Next workshop: Introduction to Systemic Coaching and Business Constellations – 7th of December – Subscribe here



This comprehensive experiential program offers coaches, facilitators, HR leaders and trainers the opportunity to participate in a unique learning journey, built on the application of systemic principles and practices as applied in individual, team and group coaching, consulting and leadership. The first cycle was held in Bucharest between September 2017 and May 2018 and was attended by new and experienced coaches, leaders, HR managers and entrepreneurs from across Romania. The second cycle completed in the spring of 2019.

From May 2019 we will now offer trainings in the same way as they are offered by Coaching Constellations in London, Uk and worldwide. Our two-day Fundamentals Part I – the next is on May 25th and 26th 2019 –  offers a unique opportunity for those who would like to understand and work at the source of challenging dynamics, repeating patterns and other dynamics that limit human relationship systems. Using the very practical yet often profound and soulful methodology of coaching and business constellations to nourish the system and the individuals and teams within it. Whether you are already a very experienced coach, facilitator or HR, L&OD professional, or just getting established, you will be welcome.

With a systems perspective and this methodology it becomes much clearer where the complex dynamics that emerge in leadership, organisational and business systems emerge from. Systemic constellations, systemic consulting and systemic coaching have a vital role to play in clarifying, illuminating and resolving these invisible dynamics. They allow a different, broader landscape to be seen and worked with. They enlarge the awareness of the systemic context and allow resources and resolutions to be found and included.

“Odata cu participarea la programul de constelatii sistemice am descoperit o lume noua si fascinanta. Am descoperit modul in care un sistem are capacitatea de a se dezvalui si de a arata adevarul. Am fost sincer surprinsa de propriile constelatii si am simtit vindecarea atunci cand am participat la constelatiile colegilor mei. Iar experienta primei constelatii pe care am facilitat-o este de neuitat.”

Monica Georgescu Senior Learning Specialist

“Principiile care guverneaza functionarea sanatoasa a sistemelor relationale au fost aduse la viata pentru mine in acest minunat training experiential.”

Cristian Nicolae Coach and Facilitator

Far exceeded my expectations and worth travelling across the world for. Profound and uplifting professionally and personally.”

Sandy May, Coach and consultant Australia

“O experienta revelatoare care m-a facut prezent la importanta principiilor naturale in crearea unei organizatii performante si sustenabile.”

Radu Pop – entrepreneur founder of Biolase Romania

“In addition to several profound insights, I learned exercises which I turned into almost daily practice.”

Roman Chudoba Executive coach & mentor Czech Republic

This has given me the confidence to embed the systemic approach into my coaching and consulting practice.”

Ori Wiener Frankfurt, Germany

Acest program a fost o experienta de invatare bogata, frumoasa si foarte utila care mi-a depasit cu mult asteptarile. Faptul ca acum am un nivel mai ridicat de constientizare a principiilor sistemice mi-a schimbat perspectiva si modul de lucru cu clientii individuali si cu echipele.”

Madalina Cobaleanu – Coach, Microsoft Romania

“The training exceeded my expectations – I thought it would be about techniques but it was more about a philosophy and way of being. An excellent thought provoking training.”

Sally Bonneywell PCC, Head of Coaching, GSK, Worldwide

This training gave me an opportunity to think but also to feel how a system actually works. This was very useful and also a deeply touching experience.”

Kristiina Püttsepp Estonia

Professional development credits

The program is for all coaches, facilitators and trainers who have been through a coaching skills training, already acquired some experience in working with clients and who wish to bring their coaching practice to the next level by investing in both their personal and professional development. Attendance at the three modules will be rewarded with a total of 42 ICF CCEU’s.

“Principiile care guverneaza functionarea sanatoasa a sistemelor relationale au fost aduse la viata pentru mine in acest minunat training experiential.” 

Cristian Nicolae, Coach & Facilitator

Coaching Constellations Romania – Facilitation & Organization Team
John Whittington, Oana Pop, Doru Curteanu and Roxana Grosu

This training consists of two parts – Fundamentals Part I & Fundamentals Part II 

Fundamentals Part I will be co-facilitated by Oana and Doru in Romanian.

Fundamentals Part II will be co-facilitated by John, Oana and Doru in English. 

John Whittington

John delivers an extensive training program for those interested in becoming certified systemic facilitators. All his work is designed to support the flow of leadership and organisational vitality, illuminating and resolving the hidden architecture and limiting dynamics that naturally occur in all systems. He facilitates constellation workshops for founders, leaders, managers, teams, coaches and consultants.

John is the author of “Systemic coaching and constellations” – which participants of this group are given on registration and encouraged to read before and alongside the training. For further information Coaching Constellations see here.

Oana Tănase 

Oana is a systemic and executive coach supporting entrepreneurs to take themselves and their business to the next level. She founded ‘Leadership Sistemic’ and offers systemic coaching and facilitation for leaders and coaches. A natural teacher and coach Oana is currently completing her PhD thesis on systemic leadership.

She is an advanced and experienced practitioner of systemic coaching and constellations, completing her training journey with Coaching Constellations at the ‘Path to Mastery’ level and has co-facilitated with John and Doru on several occasions.

Doru Curteanu

Doru is a systemic coach, facilitator and trainer focused on the facilitation of flow and vitality in leaders and teams and organisations. Using a balanced mix of challenge and support he inspires leaders, entrepreneurs, organisational development professionals and teams to advance their understanding and practice of systemic leadership.

Doru has a PhD in Management and is an EMCC accredited Practitioner Coach. He is an advanced and experienced practitioner of systemic coaching and constellations, completing his training journey with Coaching Constellations at the ‘Path to Mastery’ level and has co-facilitated with John and Oana on several occasions.

Roxana Grosu

Roxana is Community Manager for Coaching Constellations Romania, supporting its members in their learning journey.

She has recently become a practitioner in Systemic Coaching and Constellations following Fundamentals Part I and Part II in 2018-2019 in Bucharest.

In addition, having a passion and background in Learning & Organizational Development having worked with various organizations, from non-profits to multinational companies, Roxana also supports ‘Leadership Sistemic’, founded by Oana Tanase by facilitating learning experiences for young professionals.

Our Partners

Our partners at One 2 Coach made the first training with Coaching Constellations in 2017 possible. As a result a partnership emerged and they now form the core of the community engagement team. Connecting with coaches from across Romania and beyond they live their intention to build a strong learning network that provides continuous development opportunities for all.

Olga Oltean

Olga is the founder of One2Coach, a coaching school with a mission to connect people with what coaching is and offer continuous professional development for coaches.

Adela Iepure

Adela is a trainer, facilitator and coach. She is a core part of the One2Coach team and supports people make their first steps into professional coaching as well as leading advanced trainings.

Catalina Molnar

Catalina is a coach and an integral part of the One2Coach team. She takes care of bookings and administration for this training group.

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The Learning Journey

Fundamentals Training Part I 
October 26th and 27th 2019

This training is designed to embed the systemic coaching and constellations methodology as applied in coaching individuals, groups, teams and organisations. It will appeal to those who would like to better understand the organising forces that sustain and limit relationship systems at work and who like to integrate a practical methodology for respectfully resolving limiting dynamics.

Participants will be guided to explore the organising principles of relationship systems and the application of systemic constellations in individual, team and group coaching. Highlights of this first part of the training include:

  • A thorough introduction to the stance, principles and practices
  • The practical application of systemic constellations in one-to-one coaching
  • An introduction to working with teams using systemic mindset and methodology
  • An understanding of your own systemic resources and loyalties

Investment for Fundamentals Part I: 600 EUR (VAT Included)

 Fundamentals Training Part II
December 4th 5th and 6th 2019

Fundamentals Part II is meant to help participants broaden their understanding of key concepts, deepen their systemic stance and ability to practice the methodologies and techniques with individuals, teams, groups and organisations in coaching contexts.

This level of the training journey includes further exercises designed to deepen understanding and practice of:

  • The use of systemic questioning in coaching and organisational change and the impact of conscience and hidden loyalties.
  • The use of systemic language that names ‘what is’, as well as the use of systemic sentences that create lasting embodied change in leadership and professional development coaching.
  • Group constellations, in small and larger groups. By facilitating constellations in this way, you will be able to deeply understand and integrate the stance, principles and practices.
  • Structural constellations, including the Tetralemma, used for complex decision making and the resolution of dilemmas.

Investment for Fundamentals Part II: 1,450 EUR (VAT Included)

If you apply, within one month of completing a Fundamentals Part I training, for Fundamentals Part II training, you will qualify for a 10 per cent discount on Part II.

““This was a very absorbing and intense process, lots to digest and take on. John was very encouraging, insightful and empathic, with lots of experience to draw on. He held a very mixed group together very well.”

Jane Kershaw, PCC, Coach.

The Book

Participants will receive and are invited to read Systemic Coaching and Constellations. This will enhance your learning and ability to apply it. The book will be available for all participants before the course, upon registration.